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2oz Starbond Flexible Medium-Thick Cyanoacrylate (CA) - Super Glue (Heavy-Medium)

2oz Starbond Flexible Medium-Thick Cyanoacrylate (CA) - Super Glue (Heavy-Medium)

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Starbond KEG-500 Flexible Heavy Medium CA Glue is a flexible super glue that has impact and shock absorbing properties.  Also used as an outer coat, it’s possible to sand down and polish KEG-500 to a high-gloss finish.  This adhesive is four times stronger than our standard CA glue, and has a higher resistance to heat, humidity, and natural weathering, making it ideal for outdoor repairs, shoe and boot repair, furniture repair and restoration, and archery applications for arrow fletching and inserts.  With bonding times as long as one minute, this is the perfect glue for heavy-duty bonding to form strong repairs! 

Professional Tip: We recommend our Starbond Accelerator to speed up the bonding and drying times, depending on the materials involved and the volume of glue used. 

Use Starbond KEG-500 Flexible Heavy Medium CA Glue to:

  • Bond dissimilar materials, such as wood, metal, glass, and rubber
  • Replace certain thread lock applications
  • Quickly repair auto paint and body work
  • Frag coral
  • Glue fly lines, dumbbell eyes, large streamers, and big foam flies for fly fishing
  • Repair and fill cracks, voids, inclusions, and knots in wood
  • Lock threads in R/C cars
  • Assemble model airplanes and R/C cars
  • Form CA hinges, providing flexibility to bond moving parts together, as in model airplanes
  • Bond together various kayak panels (faster set time than epoxy)
  • Install cue tips onto pool cues
  • Bond fiberglass to a variety of materials
  • Repair shoes and boots
  • Repair marble, granite, and quartz
  • Perform taxidermy
  • Glue dental lab articulators

For Use On:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Rubber
  • Leather
  • Ceramics
  • Gemstones
  • Rocks & Minerals
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Fiberglass
  • Most Plastics

Available in 2 ounces and 16 ounces sizes


  • Viscosity: 500 cPs
  • Drying Time With Accelerator: 3 - 8 sec
  • Drying Time Without Accelerator: 30 - 40 sec
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